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Participated in 2014 in Guangzhou sauna spa pool equipment and supplies meeting
Date:2014-9-4 17:07:30 View:2947


    In 2014 May 12, 14 days, 2014 Guangzhou Sauna Spa Pool Equipment and supplies will import and Export Fair Pazhou Complex in Guangzhou China will Bgrand opening. Powerful propaganda the exhibition attracted internationalsauna Association (International Sauna Association) chairman Risto Elomaaattention, Risto Elomaa chairman decided to support Guangzhou internationalSauna Spa Pool Equipment Exhibition international publicity work. Risto Elomathe president promised, international sauna society will not only the exhibitioninformation to its 13 international sub associations and organizations, will alsospread in Thailand, South Korea and other international markets. During the exhibition, Risto Eloma president also prepared a 20-30 minute speech,speech is the main content of European industry market analysis and development prospect. Finally, Risto chairman Eloma said in Guangzhou to theinternational Sauna Spa Pool Equipment Exhibition Organizing Committee in the mail: "I firmly believe that the Guangzhou international Sauna Spa Pool Equipment Exhibition will be a wonderful international industry event!"