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Attend 2014 Fifth Shanghai International Pool Spa Bath SPA Exhibition
Date:2014-9-4 17:15:54 View:2762


    2014 fifth session of Shanghai international swimming pools Bath Spa SPAExhibition on August 20-22 unveiled at the Shanghai New International Expo center. The exhibition by the China pool bath SPA alliance and "eshanginformation - swimming pool sauna SPA spa" magazine co sponsored ",eshang information - swimming pool sauna SPA spa" magazine, Beijing Lixinworld science and technology limited company as the undertaker. At the same time be east Bath Association, China SPA Association, American pool fund,Chinese building water supply and Drainage Association's strong support and assistance. And includes easy business network, CCTV.com, xinhuanet.com,people.com.cn, sina.com.cn, sohu.com, China economic net, consumer daily,China broadcast network, Xinhua, China enterprise news, Chinese daily,Shanghai news network, the east net over 100 mainstream well-known media have given reports of the exhibition.

     With the income growth and consumption idea, consumption level change,China's swimming pool, sauna, SPA, hot springs and other related sportsleisure industry rapid development. Along with the continuous high temperature summer weather, is forced to participate in the number ofswimming and water sports climbed to 1000000000 people. At the same time,sauna bath health as the core SPA key in this field, is only at the primary stage. According to authoritative international journal of forecasting, Chinesehealth care industry for the next five years will be expanded to 10 times.Shanghai International Pool Spa SPA bath exhibition after several sessions ofexperience, has become one of the largest South Industry Exhibition, in the industry Tongren favor and extensive participation.


   As organizers, China pool bath SPA alliance responsible person told the reporter: "our SPA pool bath spa industry has formed the regional characteristics and mass consumer culture. Continuous high temperature in summer for swimming and water recreation projects demand continues to rise,the future market space is enormous. Winter hot spring holiday consumption isA new force suddenly rises., all over the country in the spa construction project has reached hundreds of billions of yuan, hot spring culture brand also gradually establish. At present, the number of swimming venue mainland has more than 112000, the spa reached more than 180000, and the annual growth rate is 21.5%. These favorable factors are to the 2014 Shanghai International Pool Spa SPA features exhibition held successfully laid a broad foundation."

    At the same time, the responsible person said: "this year is the 2014 Shanghai International Pool Spa SPA features the exhibition successfully held fifth sessions. "Traders - swimming pool sauna SPA spa" magazine as theindustry's only a professional media has ten years of industry experience, we are again with its powerful alliances, to create an unprecedented industry event. It is worth mentioning that in 2014, the exhibition moved to ShanghaiNew International Expo Center, the venue to expand the area of nearly eighty thousand square meters, traffic more convenient. Over the same periodindustry seven exhibition wonderful together, will let you harvest doubled. Webelieve that by virtue of the Shanghai New International Expo Center Exhibitionadvantage, to attract USA, Germany, England, Southeast Asia and other multinational industry experts and related enterprises, and domestic more than 1000 industry engineering, procurement business person in charge of the enterprise actively participate in. Enterprises can make good use of such a platform we provide high-quality products, will directly recommended to the market and customers."

   As the highlights of the exhibition, the responsible person further added: "the exhibition scene of numerous experts and scholars, business executives talk about swimming pool sauna SPA waterscape industry culture, exchanging innovative academic achievements. In the project negotiations, docking,integration of resources demand above all have different degrees of display.And, in the exhibition was also held during the exhibition of health careproducts, carry out environmental health, health detoxification, water regimen,medicated bath field experience activities. By then, the wonderful opportunityto seize the audience friends can!"

   Estimated that the participating enterprises amounted to more than 1000,professional audience of more than 2 people, the exhibition area of nearly 80000 square meters, exhibits range will be one of the largest in history.