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Swimming pool filtration pump

No:S Serie



Intro:Swimming pool filtration pump,whisht and quality for filtration,high efficient water circulation pump.


Feature highlights:

Whisht,quality and efficiency;Quiet running single-stage centrifugal pumps,self-primming,complete with profiler.


Application:small-scale garden pools or swimming pool



Pump body,pump foot and diffuser in glass loaded polypropylene

the pool pump's Impeller in glass loaded Noryl

Seal mounting in glass loaded polyamide

Motor shaft in stainless steel AISI 420

Mechanical seal in graphite and alumina

Motor housing in aluminum L-2521

Windings impregnated with epoxy resin


Pump Motor:

Asynchronous,two poles

IP55 protection

Class F insulation

Continuous operation

Single phase version built-in thermal protection