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Pentair heater - CH series


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Key technologies include:

  – Patented thermostatic bypass valve minimizes condensation-related calcium scaling to maintain

     peak heat transfer efficiency

– Ceramic fiber insulation prevents heat loss

 – Intelligent internal controls sense water temperature and pressure to maintain optimum flow past the

    heating element…no overheating or underheating

– Dual thermostats provide precise temperature control without wasteful overheating
– With six models available, you can size your MiniMax CH to your precise heating needs–another key for      high efficiency


All this performance comes in a space-saving, low profile design that blends into any backyard décor.


Nobody outheats it. Nobody outlasts it.

Besides super-efficient heating performance, MiniMax®CH is built to last and last. Key durability features include:

  • Super-strong, corrosion-resistant stainless steel burners.
  • Premium copper high-fin heat exchanger for long life and super efficiency.
  • Durable composite headers (reversible design for easy installation and service)
  • CSA Certified to applicable standards for gas-powered pool heaters.
  • Two-year limited warranty