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aking the Quantum leap Quantum harnesses a revolutionary leap in technology. Already used and approved by high-proile industries such as hospitals and drinking water puriication companies, it has now been adopted by Elecro and brought to you! Take pool hygiene and water clarity to the ultimate level Pool water that sparkles like diamonds in a way you’ve never seen Why Quantum? With a wide range of products available on the market that ofer a variety of technologies to sanitise swimming pool water, how do you decide what method is best for you? The table below identifes some key players including chlorine, UV, ozone, hydroxyl radicals, and photocatalytic oxidisation at the top as the strongest and most efective sterilising agent in existence. Sterilising swimming pools has always been a matter of fnding a balance between using chemicals strong enough to destroy the most harmful germs that may cultivate in the pool, whilst at the same time limiting the negative impact of the treatment method on humans. Currently, chlorine is the most widely used sterilisation method. The side efects though can be irritation to the skin and eyes, and th inconvenience of continually topping up the dosage. Chlorine and ozone are also known to release gas that hovers above the swimming pool and can be hazardous to breathing. In contrast the photocatalyt oxidisation reaction is contained within the reaction chamber releasing only pure, fresh water, clean enough to drink.